A Short Guide To Improving And Developing Self Awareness

developing self awareness

Self-awareness is essential for a healthy and prosperous life. But not everybody is an expert in the field. Some people lack basic knowledge about themselves. They fail to comprehend their psychology and struggle due to this unawareness. However, this is something that can be solved. The lack of self awareness is an issue common to a lot of people. There are several practices, exercises, tips, and tricks that deal with self-awareness. Following them leads to improved knowledge, confidence, and many other positive impacts. Below is a short guide that explains such self-awareness-centric practices. So, do check them out for becoming better in the self-understanding area. 

Make A Timeline Or Map Of Your Life So Far

Self Awareness

One thing that you need to realize is that nobody is a specialist in their life.  We all navigate and face hardship from time to time. Still, few adapt and build a better version of themselves all due to their approach. No worries because you can start anytime. Start your journey with a simple map. In this, you can write or draw what you have done so far in your life. While drawing, you will realize many of your interests and accomplishments. Doing a little recap is an important step of a self awareness journey. All this information will make you more aware. You may even find your next task or mission in your past. 

Learn Something New 

Self Awareness

Now that you know what you have liked in the past. It’s time to pick a skill. Learning a new ability always opens doors for new opportunities. Besides, learning has no harm. Knowledge is never a waste and so knowing more will only make you more understanding. You achieve further wisdom with occasional learning. Acquiring new skills is also fun practice where you discover a new version of yourself too. With new skills, you may reflect on your values as well. 


The problem of self awareness has been around for ages. A lot of times meditation is taken lightly but it’s more powerful than it seems. Meditating on the mind has an extremely positive influence on us. Our thoughts get clear. Thus, you should use a calendar and mark time dedicated to meditating. 


Are you someone who lacks self awareness? Have you ever felt that you don’t know your true self? If your answer is a yes then here’s something interesting that might help you out. People don’t understand themselves despite their age or the duration they have spent with themselves. There are many reasons behind it on a personal level. However, few people overcome this obstacle. They unlock their full potential and become a better version of themselves. If you want to be someone like those few then the above are some tips that might assist you in your journey. 

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