Activity For Self Awareness: 10 Group Activities For Organizations

Activity For Self Awareness: 10 Group Activities For Organizations

Activity For Self Awareness

When you have self-awareness, you have profound recognition of your overall personality. You understand strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and motivation sources. As you open your arms to self-awareness, you understand not only yourself but also other people. And you will realize how they see you and your actions. But to be self-aware, you have to embrace some activity for self awareness.

Many people believe that the path to self-awareness comes naturally and easily. But the sense of heightened awareness takes hard measures to come by. However, with practice, you can increase your own self-knowledge. And it will allow you to find different ways to interpret various actions, thoughts, conversations, and feelings to other people.

Group Activity For Self Awareness
Activity For Self Awareness: 10 Group Activities For Organizations

As you achieve self-awareness, you shift towards positive behavioral changes, and it will increase your self-confidence. So, what activity for self awareness you should embrace from today onwards:

Activity For Self Awareness: Write Morning Pages

For becoming more self-aware, you must exercise writing morning pages. It will help you to gain self-confidence as you harness your creative skills and talents. You must use longhand writing every day as you wake up. And in return, you have a decluttered mind and recognize what your brain thinks first.

Keeping A Journal

When you keep a journal, it creates permanent records for your feelings, thoughts, and events in your life. You can understand what events in your life impacted your thoughts and feeling in certain ways.

It is a wonderful learning experience as you live through new tribulations and trials. You will pat yourself on your back as you will see how you have grown and become matured.

Create Your Life Vision-mission

In any organization, mission and vision statements play significant roles. It determines the purpose of any organization, helps to develop the strategy, and displays measurable goals. In return, the organization reaps the benefits of success. When your life has a vision, you have a clear direction and can rank your priorities accordingly.

Activity For Self Awareness: Write Personal Manifesto

Your personal manifesto reflects your core values, beliefs, specific ideas, priorities that you respect and stand for. It determines how you would plan your life for betterment. This activity acts as the statement for personal principles and also a call to action. It will help you to frame your life in the right direction of achieving your goals.

Activity For Self Awareness: Write Regret Letter

Yes, write a regret letter just to your younger self. It can feel like a cathartic exercise, and it is not at all a list of things you should have known. You have to be precise about the regrets that you have always had in your life till now.

And with your open heart, apologize for the mistakes you have made and opportunities you have let go of. You will feel empowered. Also, you will accept your vulnerable younger self and encourage others in similar situations.

Do A Funeral Test

It may sound harsh or negative, but trust in the activity. It is a popular exercise that Stephen Covey has said in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. For the purpose, you must write down answers to your questions like what people should speak when they come to your funeral. What personality about you the people would remember? As you do the exercise, it will add more value and purpose to your activities every day. It is going to change the trajectory of your life for the better.

Activity For Self Awareness: Record Your Personal Narrative

Have you ever wondered how you would want to tell your life story? What are the things you would love to deliver into your autobiography? Our life stories make a clear impact on our personalities. So, you should map the life story you want to experience. It will allow you to make some positive changes in the future or starting from today.

10 Activity For Self Awareness Building
Activity For Self Awareness: 10 Group Activities For Organizations

Write Down The Important Tasks Daily

We all have some of the other important tasks that we have to accomplish every day to reach our long-term goals. So, every night before you dive into the world of sleep, write down your to-do list. In the list, put three priority tasks that you have to do the following day.

When you write down the tasks, your day is going to start with purpose, and you will know where your focus must go. As you accomplish the main goals within a time frame, you will feel excited. And it will open room for other items in your life.

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