Best Definition of Self Awareness in Emotional Intelligence

Definition of Self Awareness

Have you ever had the sensation that you don’t know what you feel inside? You want to know what feelings you have, but you don’t even know how and what to do with yourself?

What does getting self-awareness mean? And how can you convince yourself that you have these mental crises and needs?

Let us discuss in this article the definition of self awareness, and why it is necessary to have this capacity in our everyday lives.

Emotional Intelligence

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Self-awareness is always linked to our emotional intelligence. The latter is defined as our ability to manage the emotions in ourselves and others. One of the many tests that measure this is the Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale (MEIS).

What is Self-Awareness?

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This ability is known as one of the foundations of having emotional intelligence. The definition of self awareness is a person who understands their own emotions, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and drives.

Traits of A Person With Self-Awareness

If you want to know whether or not you have self-awareness, it simply means that you are aware of your actions you have done consciously and unconsciously. Here are examples of a person with this ability:

● You can identify, watch, and regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.

● If you went through a difficult part of life, you are actively resolving any issues that come out from that.

● You feel good in your skin.

● You can build good relationships with other people.

● On an emotional level, you can relate to others.

● You interact with others with kindness and respect.

● You are not quick to anger.

● Your mood is usually positive and upbeat.

● You can overcome difficult situations, and they don’t bother you all too much.

● You can feel, think, and act in a way that you want.

Traits of A Person Without Self-Awareness

A person without self-awareness means that they have a lower level of emotional intelligence. They might exhibit at least one of these behaviors:

● You use anger and aggression on other people.

● You do the exact opposite of what you said you want to do.

● You create excuses for your behavior.

● When other people call you out on your behavior, you become defensive.


We also want our emotional wellbeing to be as healthy as we want it to be, just as we want our mental health to be secure. Owing to his heavy heart, who would have wanted to have a rough time sleeping? That is why self-awareness nowadays is very important. It is really important to consider what is going on inside yourself. A pressing problem facing this generation today is an interpersonal crisis.

We learned about the definition of self awareness in this post. Apart from that, we have learned why it is important to have this capacity in our daily lives to know about all these things.

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