Discipline: Knowing The 3 Key Qualities Of Self-Discipline

Discipline: Knowing The 3 Key Qualities Of Self-Discipline


In today’s world of high stress and a decreased sense of self-control, the approach of self-discipline seems to be moving out of favor. A good number of people seem to be looking for ways to suppress their behavior. This is because in many cases, a lack of self-discipline can cause a person to lose valuable control over his actions.

Recent research reveals that both self-discipline and self-control are important in the survival of a person. Here are the three characteristics of it.


To Prepare Himself

Self-discipline implies having strong knowledge about things one possesses. For example, an adult possesses self-discipline if he is able to prepare himself well in times of emergencies like food poisoning.

The ability to put one’s own desire first is also a trait of self-discipline. It is a person who sets himself apart from others in terms of his interests, values, and way of life should be more disciplined. Moreover, those who have this trait prefer to complete their tasks right away and avoid procrastination.

Seeing the obstacles to self-discipline. When faced with setbacks, people are willing to take a defensive posture. However, in order to successfully handle setbacks, people need to be able to adapt in spite of whatever setback they might encounter.

Independent Thinkers

People who are relatively independent thinkers and self-disciplined tend to be good problem solvers. You cannot avoid it or change it if they are capable of handling situations. Independent thinkers who exhibit self-discipline are smarter and better-off than to people who cannot get a grip on their circumstances.

A study conducted by psychologist Mary P. Davison states that women who know how to respect the boundaries set by themselves. And others are less likely to feel ashamed of being unable to meet them.

It is also having increased fitness. People who are physically fit are seen to be better at controlling their temperaments.

In fact, if a person has no discipline in making decisions or even eating, then the chances of having high blood pressure are higher. In other words, It is seen to reduce the chances of heart disease and stroke.


A person with high emotional self-control has less tendency to commit a crime than the one who has poor self-control. Those who are lacking in self-discipline or who have low self-control have a higher tendency to engage in criminal activities like drug use, cigarette smoking, and alcohol consumption.

Discipline: Knowing The 3 Key Qualities Of Self-Discipline
Discipline: Knowing The 3 Key Qualities Of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline in terms of taking care of oneself does not mean neglecting or putting oneself down. It means ensuring that the people around us are well- taken care of. And that you take care of yourself in the best possible way.

To be able to be effective in development, one needs to know where and how to apply it. And how to deal with any situation which may arise. It is often seen as the most essential quality needed to make a person a successful and happy person.

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