Improving Self Esteem By Improving Self-discipline; Here’s How

Improving Self-Esteem By Improving Self-Discipline Here’s How

In my thirty years of study of people and their behavior, I have seen hundreds of individuals with Master Self-Discipline. These individuals don’t hesitate to learn and change themselves or others. They are often completely unaware of the fact that they are improving Self-Esteem.

It is not unusual for individuals with self-discipline to be good at making decisions and doing things. They seem to always know what they want to do and how to get there. It is a little surprising, though, that no one ever asks them why they feel this way. Some may have a fair idea of why they have self-discipline, but others have never had a reason for wanting to develop and use it.

Improving Self-Esteem By Improving Self-Discipline Here’s How
Improving Self-Esteem By Improving Self-Discipline Here’s How

Example Of Self-Discipline

A good example of someone with Self Discipline is my grandfather. He never went to college. He worked all his life and never graduated from high school. His education came from several jobs and study groups that helped him understand how to do things and achieve results. Like many of us, he never had any real interest in that aspect of his life.

I believe that if you can go to any conference on Self-Discipline and study, you will find some examples of someone like my grandfather. He was a great example of the kind of person who has Self Discipline. For example, one of the instructors at the seminar I attended said that the average person who wants to master Self-Discipline has to be a great listener.

It is a great teacher to hear yourself talk and interpret what you are saying and understanding in the context of what is happening right now. By “now” I mean as it is actually happening and not in retrospect.

An individual with great self-discipline can hear a small voice in his or her head and recognize that it is there and can often tell what it is saying. The individual then uses his or her own internal voice to correct the tone of that voice, which makes for a great difference.

Role Of Self Discipline In Improving Self-esteem

Improving Self-Esteem By Improving Self-Discipline Here’s How
Improving Self-Esteem By Improving Self-Discipline Here’s How

How to get to an organized state of Self Discipline is easy. The challenge is to listen to your inner voices and recognize when they are criticizing or critiquing your behavior. When you realize that you have used your inner voice, you need to use it with the intention of listening to it.

What is that intention? It is to hear it clearly, be in the NOW. So the next time you see or hear yourself criticizing yourself, stop, pay attention to the inner voice, and listen to it clearly.

When you practice mastering Self Discipline, you will find that you will have more inner power and more self-esteem. Self-esteem is the belief that you are worthy of respect. Self-esteem is the belief that you have control over yourself and that you are competent. These are necessary ingredients to taking advantage of opportunities and achieving success.

When you use the inner voice to correct your behaviors, you become more confident. When you are confident about yourself, you will be more likely to take on new challenges and learn new skills.


On a personal relationship, this can mean the difference between pursuing a project or giving up on a relationship. For business, the results may be greater profits or a larger market.

Self-Discipline is the product of human potential. With the right guidance, there is no limit to the extent to which you can improve yourself.

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