Online Self Development Courses in 2020

Online Self Development Courses

Whether you want to set your own online business or get your diploma this year, it is crucial to reach your goals. You can grow closer to them by enrolling yourself in online self-development courses. As there are many classes to choose from, here are our top five picks that you can try!

Using Creative Problem Solving

In this course by, you will learn what creativity is and how you can apply it in your professional career. This course is made to help various people keep up with their industry’s rapid pace. It will also help boost your competitive edge as well.

Change Your Thinking, Change the World

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Are you struggling to find yourself in this ever-changing world? You can get a head start through this Ubiquity University course. They will help you for four weeks to understand your identity, world view, and stay anchored while the rest of the world changes.

Essential Skills for Your Career Development

As one of the many online self-development courses, this FutureLearn course will equip you with the knowledge of navigating through your career. It includes topics such as job interviews, professional networking, and goal setting. You can come out of this 2-week course raring to build your career.

Stress Management

If you are the type of person who gets stressed, then this is the course for you. Taught at Academy, you will go through four modules to understand the concept of stress, its causes, its symptoms, and how to minimize its risk. You can then apply these skills in your life as well.

Building Professional Resilience

This 2-week course will help you navigate through stressful situations in work and life. You will learn what resilience is, how to become more resilient, and what skills to build towards your stability.

Start Dynamic Public Speaking

Public speakers are ubiquitous for managers, salespeople, training people, or someone in a public career. They are very soft skills. This 4-course collection, produced by the University of Washington, is one of the best speaking courses.

Instructor Dr. Matt McGarrity has received numerous distinctions and prizes for the public-speaking research. UW is a distinguished lecturer. He has spent a whole career encouraging anxious beginners to develop into trustworthy communicators.

His course allows students to develop the techniques of public talk and speech writing. This experience will surely make you learn how to make improper remarks correctly, master the method of speaking, and to speak informatively and persuasively without any doubt.


As in these time trials, we all work for a stable future; it is better to be until we question the universe. These self-development courses online are a step towards this aim. We assume that one of these things will motivate you to achieve your dreams, whether for yourself, your family, your love, or your future

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