Tips To Improve Public Speaking Skills -

Tips To Improve Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is the biggest fear of a lot of people. If you have problems with it too, then don’t fret. Here are a  few tips that can help you overcome it with ease.

The very first thing you have to do if you want to improve when it comes to public speaking is to look in the mirror and practice speaking with yourself there as often as you can.

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Public Speaking: Practice In Front Of Mirror

Say a few lines. It could be an introduction of yourself, a sample speech you found online, or the speech that you are about to do. This will help you identify how you can talk comfortably and what kind of hand gestures you can do. Speaking in front of a mirror will also help you avoid just reading your material instead of giving a speech.

Public Speaking Ideas To Remove Your Fear
Public Speaking Ideas To Remove Your Fear

Keep in mind that you have to practice over and over again. This is a process that you have to go through and if you ever force yourself even if you know you’re not ready, then you might feel severe anxiety once you are already on the spot. 

Practicing over and over again will help you feel even more comfortable. You will then realize that you are ready to take on the stage and talk to your audience.

Public Speaking: Write Down The Speech

Once you have lost your fear of talking in public, you can now write down your speech. It is usual for even the best speakers to forget lines or sentences in between if they don’t have a copy with them. Everybody has their own comfort level, but being able to write your own speech can give you that confidence since you know that it came from your own words.

You must be able to identify your own comfort level, it will be easier for you to not get out of your comfort zone if you are only starting. Go easy on yourself, you do not need to feel pressured. The audience will simply listen and so keep in mind that you just have to talk to them.

It may also help you feel better if you have an inspiration. You may watch some of the greatest speakers so you can get a few tips from them.

Watch Video Tutorials

Orators are often known for being so confident when it comes to public speaking. There are a lot of videos online that can easily help you overcome your fear. 

Public Speaking Ideas To Remove Your Fear
Public Speaking Ideas To Remove Your Fear

Public speaking is an art that is gathered slowly with practice and interest. People who do this all the time do not simply talk, they are meant to inform. Hence they throw in some facts or quotes. Pauses are also necessary.


Nobody finds a speech interesting, but it depends on how you deliver it. If you consider yourself to become a leader in 10 years time, then you ought to develop this crucial skill. The manner in which you communicate or want to convince people is vital for more prominent roles.

Be patient with yourself. There is no need to get upset or angry when things don’t work out the first few times. Try and develop your confidence and tone when public speaking. You will find your rhythm eventually

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