Ways To Communicate Using Body Language

Body Language-A Way To Communicate

Body language is a way to communicate without using words. Sometimes through non- verbal communication, our body language communication reaches others when we cannot find the right words. Through body language, one uses expressions, physical behavior, and habits to communicate non- verbally. We also communicate with others using gestures, eye contact, voice tone, posture, etc. Non-verbal communication also attracts people and sometimes is the most comfortable mode of communication for those who are not good with expressing themselves through words.

Body Language-A Way To Communicate

Types Of Body Languages

  1. Eye Contact– through eye contact one communicates very quickly, it can be used to point directions and show emotion.
  2. Facial Expressions– communication through the facial muscle with eyebrows and lips movement
  3. Postures– when we communicate through body postures, the movement of the body can indicate a message that can be sent to another person.
  4. Hand Movements– is usually the most common way to express yourself without speaking.

Skills To Improve Body Language

  1. Ways Of Standing– they way one stands also tells so much about the person. If one stands with an erected spinal cord, he or she is said to be a very confident person. When one stands with the bent shoulder is said to be nervous or uneasy.
  2. Different Hand Gestures– this simply comes out naturally, so you can improve it by using your hands more when you talk. It is often used when trying to explain things.
  3. Eye Contact Skills – in this skill, 30% is verbal, and 70% in non-verbal communication. During eye contact, we have to focus on the person we are communicating with. If it is an audience, then try to look at people’s eyes randomly.
  4. Ways Of Expressions– being able to express yourself with facial expressions often send a message to the person you are communicating with. Know which ones are negative and positive to ensure you are sending the right message to them.
  5.  Different Habits– standing position, eye contact, and facial expression have to be kept in mind as our non-verbal communication so you must know how to use them with the right people and the right situation.

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Ways Of Reading Body Languages

Different forms of body language can help in building a closer relationship.  Always try to notice signals sent through body language. It is useful to know what the person is trying to tell you so you will know how to respond to them.

  1. Signs Of Crying– Crying is not just a sign of sadness, it can also be a sign of extreme happiness and even laughter. 
  2. Signs Of Anger– People often show their anger through their eyes and the way they stand. Some people even have their fists tightly closed.
  3. Signs Of Anxiety– when one is anxious one fidgets with their hands and also tap their feet. Most of them are also sweating.
Body Language-A Way To Communicate
Body Language-A Way To Communicate


Body language is very important. It is a great way to send and receive a message with or without words used. Being able to use them the right way and on the right situations can also help people understand you in return. 

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